School Orders

Hard to believe that your locally owned bookstore offers some of the "BEST" prices on the internet.  And better yet...we offer FREE delivery to all of our local school districts!

Over 5 million titles priced at 30% off or better!

Our Website isn't fancy, so there are a few things we should point out to make the order process go smoother(click "Read More" below):

*  Our search feature is a little cumbersome, but it will work.  If you are having trouble with the search feature, we suggest using Amazon or Barnes and Noble's website to find the books you are looking for.  Copy and paste the title or isbn number (isbn works the best) into our search bar and the exact book should come up for you.

*  We suggest creating an account for your school.  It will make it much easier for repeat orders.

*  Tax exempt is available at checkout.  Check the tax exempt box and fill in the appropriate fields.

*  We take PO's!  If your school prefers to to receive an invoice instead of using a credit card.  Simply check the PO box and input your number.  We will provide an invoice when we drop off your books.

*  FREE DELIVERY!  This is important...please check "pick-up" at checkout to avoid the standard delivery fees.  If you forget, we can always correct if for you after the order has been submitted.  One of these days we may be able to afford an expensive programmer to fix this for us.  But for now we will have to make this work.

*  Leave order comments (the last box on the checkout process) on whether you want to pick-up the books, or have us deliver them for you.  You can also provide any special instructions you may have.