Loving Sophie (Hardcover)

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In Loving Sophie, a family of 4 in Ohio decided to adopt a mixed bully-breed rescue dog. Little did they realize that their initial act of compassion would lead them on an adventure with their new dog Sophie.

"Sophie had zero leash manners; it was like attempting to walk a ricocheting whirling dervish. Have you ever wrestled a bear? Been dragged by wild horses? Tried to get a feral cat into a carrier? Walking Sophie up the hill out of our cul-de-sac was like that."

Add to the fact that her breed mix made strangers wary, the family did not have a fenced backyard, and Sophie was not socialized well with dogs, they had their hands full.

Despite initial challenges, the family decided that loving Sophie was the only option; Sophie's road to their home had been paved in trauma, and she deserved a forever home. Along the way, with patience, intuition, plentiful advice, and a lot of love, they discovered their new family member's full personality, her many talents, and just how much of a good girl Sophie really was.

Funny, poignant, family-oriented, every animal lover will enjoy the journey with Sophie and her family.

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ISBN: 9798988293750
Publisher: Alessandra Trindle
Publication Date: November 30th, 2023
Pages: 222
Language: English